Sunday, May 30, 2010

OMG People make Me Crazy!!

Still enjoying my time off.  Moving at the speed of me.  Playing with my music, watching movies.  Enjoying the weather and air conditioning. 

Their is a reason I only mess with Craigs List when I have time off.  I've had several calls of people that say they are coming by to look..  They don't show up.  Other people want me to call them on their phone number that is long distance.  2 have offerred to give me partial payment and I hold the tank from a week to 2 weeks before they can pick it up.  One wanted to write me a check now and pick it up on Thursday.  I just keep nicely telling them, first one to put full CASH payment in my hot little hands can pick up the tank at their leisure.  You all know that I don't like people much to begin with!  Dealing with this particular segment of the population is not fun.    I just don't get the point.  There's no reason for them to be messing with me over a FISH TANK for gosh sakes.  What gain do they get?  Sometimes I think people are just pains in the butt on general principle.   ARGH!!!!

O.k. Rant over. 

Going to do some picking up around the house today, some laundry, and maybe the grocery store.  It's a busy busy life for me :0)


Anonymous said...

i'd say they are not messing with you, rather they're only different in a way that gets your goat.

you shouldn't give up the goat too easily ;)

Katie said...

Touche! Good point. Thanks for the reminder, it made me smile.

Jennifer said...

I went through the exact same experience! Dealing with too many haggling no-show people before finally giving stuff away.

Do you mind if I put a link to your blog on mine?