Monday, May 10, 2010

Daily Chores and a Couple of treats

I went to trade the cable box.  Short line, nice customer service.  That was easy!  I did some errands and went to the grocery store.  Found almost everything I was looking for and a few treats for my Wii activities.  I unloaded the groceries without incident, the dogs were behaved when I was gone (still exhausted from playing with the pack yesterday).  The day is getting better.  Now, the final hurdle.  Time to hook up the new cable box and get it activated.  Get the box out of the truck and there is white fuzz all over.  HMM.  Looking into the vents I find a new pet.  Is it a bonus gift from the cable company?  I think not!  Looks like cable box's previous residence had a white cat that was fond of the cable box.  I'm not talking about a little hair, but a full fledged guinea pig sized bunch of fur filling the inside of the box.  Now, I'm not one to be picky (especially when it comes to equipment rented from the cable company) but this looked like it may be another mouth to feed.  I AM trying to save money after all.  On top of that, I know it was cat fur because I immediately started sneezing and itching.  ARGH!!  Back to the cable office, where there is now a long line.  I got the new box installed with minimal trouble and only had to make 2 calls to customer service to get it all going.  Tonight...  I program.  Don't you love getting new electronics and having to put all your settings back in again? 

On a positive note, the customer service agent actually said she was embarrassed they sent the messy box out.  All the clerks and service agents, I came in contact with, were very nice today.  I only saw one road rage driver.   My Wii treats for myself were Guitar Hero and Dance Madness.  I tried them out, a good time was had by all but the dogs.  The crazy dogs cowered in the corner and stared as I flailed around the living room.  I am a rockin' dance star only in my own dreams, I will never be for public consumption :0)


Judy and Emma said...

What a disgusting discovery in the cable box! Yuck! Glad you got everything hooked up again. Keep on dancing girl!

Debbie Goode said...

Oh, too funny! One never knows what is lurking about at the cable company! As to the 'dancing', just wait to you get to your first RV Dreams rally...I never thought I'd give my husband a 'lap dance' in public.....but, I did! LOL!

Merikay said...

Dancing is good for the heart and good for the dream!