Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moving at the speed of... ME

One week off, what will I do with myself?  Lot's of exciting things.  Truck goes to shop in the morning, then hair cut & color day after.  Going to sell the biggest fish tank.  Grocery shopping and laundry are staples.  Lot's of dog park visits!!  Possibly a visit to Celestial Seasonings Tea factory.  Mostly, not working, enjoying this wonderful spring weather and taking my time. 

I don't think I'll have any trouble learning to slow down when I start RVing full time.  My baseline is turtle speed with occasional sit & stare thrown in for good measure.  Even when I was a runner, I was never making record time.  I can focus and 'get er done' if I need to.  I just don't like to need to.  With all that considered, I guess it's only appropriate that it's taking me 2 years to get on the road now that I've made the decision :0)

  • Paid time off from work.  A whole week!
  • Working with a co-worker that takes as many calls as I do today. 
  • Special gems in my cassette music collection.  Music I couldn't find anywhere else and I had forgotten how much I loved.  
  • Watching past Survivor episodes with commentary.  What a way to start my time off.
  • Kind callers today that said nice things to me
Take care everyone. 


Judy and Emma said...

Slow and steady wins the race! :)

Merikay said...

I agree with Judy. Bursts of activity works well too!